Everything you always want to know about your network but were afraid to ask

Acid Scanner Free is lightweight network auditing tool (resource scanner and terminal) for home or office use that allows administrators, managers, or common users scan their networks, uncover possible security risks and find unprotected ways to their computers. This software is freeware and fully portable. No need to install anything. Should work on Windows XP and higher. It allows you to scan a single computer or multiple IP addresses for available shared resources, establish connection via tcp or udp protocol and sends and receive custom data. Class C network can be scanned within a few seconds. Discover all network flaws before anyone else does!
Any comments, suggestions or bug reports send to redoc2025@gmail.com

  • shared resources scan
  • tcp/udp terminal
  • freeware and portable


       Acid Scanner Free   (exe, 160 kB)
       Acid Scanner Free   (zip, 70 kB)


Resource scan